Does Healthcare Really Need Implementation of AI-based Solutions?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the cutting-edge of innovation. From driverless cars to detection of life-threatening diseases, AI is leveraged in almost every part of our lives. People often argue about whether AI brings us more advantages or problems, but it is difficult to deny that it can solve problems that a person can’t. Let’s […]

How AI Redefining Mobile Banking: Best Customer Experience Practices


In September CactusSoft took part in 3rd Annual Conference Innovations on Banking in Prague, Czech Republic. A major focus at the Conference has been taken artificial intelligence followed by digital innovations, robotics in banking segment, customer authentication, chatbots and customer experience. The COO at CactusSoft Mike Kartamyshev presented his speech on how AI redefining mobile […]

Meetup #2 by CactusSoft – AI & Blockchain

On September 13, on the Day of the Programmer, CactusSoft developers organized a Meetup dedicated to high-tech topics –  artificial intelligence and blockchain development. Nikita Krylov, a Machine Learning Engineer and recent bronze winner in a competition run by Google, opened the Meetup with a speech about machine learning. He told the audience about his […]

CactusSoft Held the Blockchain Hackathon

Last week CactusSoft held the internal Blockchain Hackathon. We were pleased with the fact that so many employees expressed an interest. The Hackathon lasted for two days and included theoretical and practical elements. On the first day, our blockchain expert Viktor Chukholskiy shared his knowledge with the participants and told them about the key points […]

Meetup for Mobile Developers Was Held in the High Tech Park

On March 15, a conference for mobile developers entitled “The Year of 3 Things: Fast, Clean, Automated Mobile Development” was held in the business-incubator of the HTP. It was organized by the CactusSoft and SoftTeco resident companies and the HTP administration. The event gathered together over 60 people, among them both novice developers and experienced leaders. […]

CactusSoft and Litussoft Have Completed the Integration


We are happy to announce a turning point in the history of CactusSoft! In 2017, we decided to join forces with our business partner, Litussoft in Belgium. Established in 2016, Litussoft began its journey out of the Eastern European Silicon Valley, Belarus, in response to the fact that Benelux companies were struggling to find local […]

Job Well Done! The RITSO Project completed

maori tech

“An excellent and effective team! It’s nice to work with real professionals in their field. The project was completed on time with the minimum possible number of questions. All was done within the framework of the activity planned and agreements reached,” said Alexander Lomkov, FTC Corporation’s IT Project Manager. The RITSO Project is an automated […]

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