CactusSoft Held the Blockchain Hackathon

Last week CactusSoft held the internal Blockchain Hackathon.

We were pleased with the fact that so many employees expressed an interest. The Hackathon lasted for two days and included theoretical and practical elements. On the first day, our blockchain expert Viktor Chukholskiy shared his knowledge with the participants and told them about the key points of blockchain technology, Ethereum features, smart contract development, etc.

After these helpful lectures, it was suggested to the participants that they try their skills at problem-solving. The task wasn’t easy, as it required them to write code using an unknown language and understand the project logic, forcing them to adapt to new conditions.

The most complicated aspect was to judge the results, because everyone dealt with the work very well. Nevertheless, the participants who showed the best approach and were the most productive were awarded with certifications and special prizes. The top three winners are listed below:

  1. Sergey Vasilyuk-Zakhozhiy (Front-end developer)
  2. Sergey Gil (.Net developer)
  3. Maxim Tarasov (PHP developer)

Our congratulations!

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