CactusSoft Made Healthcare Project Umbi Joined a Start-up Accelerator Start it @KBC

We’re always proud to share inspiring news about our clients, and success our common projects had achieved. Start-up accelerator Start it @KBC recently welcomed no fewer than 65 new start-ups. Among them 13 East Flemish companies, including Umbi that was developed by CactusSoft.

Umbi is a mobile app that guides patients through the entire process, starting from making an appointment to the consultation with the doctor and finally paying the invoice online.

After having worked as a management consultant in large companies for 12 years and optimizing the products and processes of others, East Flemish Bart de Wulf wanted to work on his own product. Together with Prof. Dr. Peter Verdonk and four co-founders Olivier De Boeck, Jan Stinissen, Filip Bourgonjon and Eddy Janssen founded Umbi.

Umbi Cactussoft
The process of Umbi development, CactusSoft office

“The idea came from the orthopedic practice in AZ Monica. This hospital treats a large volume of patients and wanted this flow to be as efficient as possible ”says Bart.

Boost by COVID-19

With the arrival of COVID-19, Umbi has increased its focus on the no touch patient flow. Bart: “When the consultations are restarted, it is the intention that patients do not sit packed in a waiting room. With our app, they can wait in their car or in a large room outside the hospital and be called in on time. In addition, we have also integrated video consultations into the platform. Finally, it is a great advantage that the patient can immediately make a contactless payment via Umbi with his smartphone. ”

“These are things that we wanted to realize anyway, but the corona virus has accelerated everything,” Bart continues. “At the beginning of the lockdown, together with the CactusSoft team we developed specific functions for our existing customers to cancel all consultations with one push. Now that everything is slowly getting going again, we ensure that patients are automatically invited to make a new appointment. This is a huge time saver for the administrative department of hospitals. ”

Bart de Wulf

I’d like to express a HUGE thank you to Cactussoft. They listened to our needs and reacted quickly. In terms of staffing, they were attentive to the volume of work and scaled the resources to suit. As a startup, that was very helpful. Happy to be working with a flexible IT partner like CactusSoft.

Bart de Wulf

20,000 consultations and huge potential

AZ Monica, AZ Klina and UZ in Antwerp are currently working with Umbi and discussions are currently underway with five other hospitals. In total, it is currently about 20,000 consultations that went through Umbi. “The intention is to initially connect as many Belgian hospitals as possible to the system, but we will also immediately look to other European countries. ”

Umbi interface
Umbi interface example

Doctors and administrative staff are already very enthusiastic. They especially point to the great time savings and easy communication with the various people involved in a consultation. For patients, it is very nice that they can monitor and send all their consultations 24/7 using just one application.

Umbi now has 15 employees and is growing at a rapid pace. The start-up is therefore currently also looking for investors. “If you move forward quickly, you also need a lot of capital to sustain that growth.” Bart concludes.


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