MedTech solution consisting of web and mobile apps to simplify workflow and servicing in hospitals



Umbi is a company focused on delivering Smart Solutions Platforms to improve interactions between patients and care providers, and offer a great experience for both. Umbi was facing a new project to develop a web and mobile app to facilitate workflow and servicing in hospitals. By using the app, patients are able to perform some parts of the administrative process themselves, decreasing the total cost of obtaining medical services.

CactusSoft was chosen to develop the project from scratch. Thanks to CacusSoft´s extensive team of experts in the most disruptive technologies on the market, software development projects can be carried out adapted to the demands of the current market.



Our dedicated team worked on all stages of the complete software product life cycle of the Umbi-Healthcare Mobile Web and App. The application allows users to do the following: create a patient’s personal account, view the next appointment and a full history of visits, pay for a consultation in a secure environment, and leave feedback straight after a consultation, etc.

With the arrival of COVID-19, Umbi has increased its focus on the no-touch patient flow and joined a Start-up Accelerator Start it @KBC.

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