CactusSoft Rebrands as Cactus: A New Identity for Growth and Innovation

Ghent, February 26, 2024 | Today, the Belgium-based software company, CactusSoft, is proud to announce its new brand: “CACTUS”. Rebranding itself as Cactus emphasizes its deep-rooted identity and resilient code base delivered to clients.

This name change and branding update is not just a cosmetic adjustment,but a clarification and focus of the company’s market strategy. It is built upon three core pillars: Acceleration, Innovation, and Integration, applicable to the Cactus people and the technology used. This resonates in its brand promise: “Accelerate Innovation Through Human Expertise and AI.” It results in AI-driven services that will be used to leap-frog its customers’ successes.  

With over 17 years of experience in software custom development, Cactus has amassed a track record of success, having completed over 350+ projects for high-tech companies across different industries such as Aviation, Healthcare, Mobility, Retail, and more. Truly remotely organized, since long before covid and with a very high focus on diversity and inclusion, Cactus is a multicultural team of over 100 skilled professionals proficient in various technologies. Cactus remains close to its customers, being headquartered in Ghent, home of the Management Team.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new identity as Cactus, symbolizing our commitment to acceleration, innovation and integration. This rebranding reflects our evolution and our dedication to delivering unparalleled solutions to our clients.” – Bram Van Niuerburgh CEO and Chief Accelerator of Cactus.

The company is adopting a much bolder stance, returning to its roots and embracing its DNA: that of a resilient cactus. The boldness goes hand in hand with the market circumstances and what Artificial Intelligence represents to software development. A cactus remains robust, resourceful, and thriving amidst adversity. It’s a strategic realignment of the company’s new focus, the opportunities of AI and the image of a cactus.

That’s why its most significant elements remain, with slight variations, while other aspects such as the color scheme are updated to give the brand a refreshed look.

Cactus stands for “Accelerative Innovation,” signifying its commitment to using software and AI to empower businesses to innovate faster and more efficiently than ever before.

“At Cactus, we recognise the rapid pace of the technology revolution and its profound impact on our customers. We have embarked on this journey to assist our customers in improving their revenue potential, reducing their costs, enhancing product offerings, and increasing customer satisfaction. Our AI-powered software professionals are ready to help leverage the power of AI,” affirms Bram Van Nieuwerburgh, CEO and Chief Accelerator of Cactus.

The company has redesigned its services, centred on Cactus Labs. These labs serve as centers of excellence where groups of experts in various technology areas contribute.

While the Management Team remains unchanged, Cactus has reinforced its staff with specific profiles related to AI and Customer Success.

“No time to lose” is the campaign with which Cactus faces this new stage, encouraging its clients and potentials to go hand in hand in the search, implementation and integration of AI-based solutions that deliver this promised value.

Inaugurating this new phase, the company welcomes you on its first webinar on March 19 titled “Solving Documental Chaos through LLM (AI)“. It is the first in a series of webinars showcasing the value delivered in concrete use cases of AI, addressed not only to AI specialists but certainly as well to functional specialists, in this case, legal counsels, CFOs and process owners. Next to the webinar series, the Cactus team is actively working on other innovative initiatives such as the ESA project called TAURUS, which leverages cutting-edge AI techniques for critical modem functionalities, including advanced decoding processes, used in space communication. Another exciting example at Cactus Labs relates to Quantum technology, assessing its revolutionary impact on the fields of cryptography, sensing, and computing.

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About Cactus

Cactus is a Belgian software engineering company with over 17 years of experience, boasting a team of 100 employees. Distinguished by its multicultural team and commitment to diversity and inclusion, Cactus fosters a culture of collaboration and creativity. 

Cactus builds software that matters and innovation that lasts. Through its corepillars  Acceleration, Innovation, and Integration, Cactus uses cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Space and Quantum computing to deliver transformative solutions to its customers. Its client portfolio includes leading technology companies across Western Europe.

Marketing Contact:
Alejandra Ruiz de Viana
Marketing Manager 

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