Every Bit of Help Matters! – CactusSoft’s Employee Tim Grigoriev is Making Equipment for Doctors to Fight COVID-19

Daily we hear dozens of sad news reports, and it seems sometimes that the world won’t ever be the same as before. But apart from the negative side, this unprecedented period has also shown us how people can unite against common trouble and how it is simple but vital to contribute even a small amount to the overall victory.

Tim Grigoriev, Business Development Manager at CactusSoft, has been involved in 3D printing since 2018.

Why did you choose 3D printing?

– ‘It’s a really interesting hobby. After all, which other hobby combines mechanics, electronics, 3D design, modeling, and building cool and funny stuff?’ explained Tim.

Tim Grigoriev and his 3D crafts

The idea to create something helpful for doctors using a 3D printer wasn’t new. Today this trend is widely spread around the world, as all medical establishments lack safety equipment for their staff, and more and more volunteers from all countries are trying to solve this issue.

– How did you get this idea?

– ‘I was thinking that I could help somehow, but the situation in Belarus has gained momentum and the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has passed 1000, so I decided to act. At the same time, the doctors I know asked for help and I printed a few mask-holders for them. Such simple detail may significantly relieve wearing a mask all day long and take the pressure off the ears.’

The idea for this invention belongs to a schoolkid, Quinn Roney from Vancouver, whose mother shared the post about it on Facebook and got 266K likes.

You can download the model of the ‘ear guard’ here >>>

Tim’s variant of the ‘ear guard’

Tim has made a few ‘ear guards’ on request, and has also joined the community of Belarusian guys who have so far produced more than 3K safety shields for medical staff and are continuing to make more.

Now Tim is printing details for safety shields

Are you making them for free?

– ‘Sure! The manufacturing is not really expensive, but if we took orders on a commercial basis, each piece may cost around $6. So, it’s a saving for hospitals.’

How many more pieces are you aiming to produce?

– ‘I don’t know exactly. Now we are working mainly on request, but I think that the demand will be much higher soon,’ concluded Tim.

We are so proud to have such people in our CactusSoft team and want others to be inspired by this example.

Remember, it’s a shared ordeal, and everyone can help either by supporting medical staff financially or by just sitting at home and preventing the virus from spreading.

Every bit of help matters!

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