Meetup for Mobile Developers Was Held in the High Tech Park

On March 15, a conference for mobile developers entitled “The Year of 3 Things: Fast, Clean, Automated Mobile Development” was held in the business-incubator of the HTP. It was organized by the CactusSoft and SoftTeco resident companies and the HTP administration. The event gathered together over 60 people, among them both novice developers and experienced leaders.

Three reports were presented at the event, including CactusSoft speakers who covered iOS development trends and a SoftTeco speaker who spoke about cross-platform development based on React-native.

cactussoft meetup

The first presentation was delivered by Ivan Sobolevsky, a CactusSoft iOS-developer. He conveyed to the participants his views about the transfer of iOS projects to Swift and this language’s use of patterns and toolkits. Ivan also suggested thinking about the switch to clean architecture and the importance of writing tests during project creation.

The second speaker was Roman Navarich, a SoftTeco developer with six years’ experience and a BSUIR postgraduate student. He highlighted the topic of cross-platform development, namely, why we should not be afraid of it, and what we need to understand in order to start developing with React-native.

Ivan Sobolevsky and Maxim Vialyx, iOS-developers at CactusSoft

Maxim Vyalyh, the iOS tech lead at CactusSoft, completed the conference with a presentation on the automation of the launch of Unit / UI tests, the collection of code quality metrics, the delivery of QA builds, and the delivery of RC builds in TestFlight.

Maxim also shared his own experience of using Jenkins + Fastlane and applying these technologies while developing projects for CactusSoft.

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