What will your development team look like in 2030?

Life as a CTO must be hard. Not only there is pressure to deliver an extensive roadmap as soon as possible within budget, but it is also a hell of a job to get the right talent onboard and to keep them. And then, your CEO told you last month to speed up development as […]

CactusSoft Announces Changes in Management

CactusSoft is pleased to announce that Diana Schweiger and Jose Laffitte have recently joined as co-shareholders of CactusSoft Belgium, the holding company above CactusSoft Spain, Belarus, and Georgia.  With almost 100 years of combined professional experience, the Belgian team consisting of four operational directors, including also Bram Van Nieuwerburgh, Chairman and Founder, and Mario Vanlommel […]

CactusSoft Celebrates 15 Years and Presents New Branding

This year is an important one in the history of CactusSoft. Amid the chaotic political situation in the world, it was easy to forget an important milestone we reached in 2022 – CactusSoft turned 15.  To celebrate the occasion, we decided to delve into the history of CactusSoft, honoring the company’s roots, and present something […]

2021 Outlook: How Technology Will Drive A Boom In Rural Living

Since the ’50s, we have seen a strong trend toward urban living. This trend has been driven by the lack of opportunities in rural areas as local manufacturing lost its battle against globalization. Hence, people moved where the opportunities arose: in the ever-bigger cities.

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