CactusSoft Celebrates 15 Years and Presents New Branding

This year is an important one in the history of CactusSoft. Amid the chaotic political situation in the world, it was easy to forget an important milestone we reached in 2022 – CactusSoft turned 15

To celebrate the occasion, we decided to delve into the history of CactusSoft, honoring the company’s roots, and present something we have been working on for a while, namely, new branding and a brand new website. 

Inside CactusSoft’s History

The history of CactusSoft dates back to 2007, when the company was born as a small, family-owned software development business in Minsk, Belarus. 

In 2017, Belgian company Litussoft acquired CactusSoft, changing the location of the company’s headquarters to Ghent, Belgium. CactusSoft became a Belgian-owned business, offering a winning combination of local presence in the EU and access to top Eastern European talent. 

In October 2021, CactusSoft expanded its European presence by opening a new development center in Seville, Spain. 

2022 has been a year of changes, too. In April, the company registered an entity in Georgia. The new office is now fully operational, attracting best local and international talent and allowing CactusSoft to accommodate relocated employees. 

New Chapter, New Branding

Following the opening of CactusSoft Spain, it had become apparent that the company branding needed an update. The newly evolved CactusSoft needed a fresh look to manifest the company’s adherence to modern technologies. 

The work started with the company colors. In addition to black, red, and white, the design team introduced a new shade, albero, Seville yellow. Seville is the heart of CactusSoft Spain and the new color is now an integral part of CactusSoft’s identity. 

In addition to new branding, the CactusSoft team decided to overhaul the company’s website, not only giving it a fresher look but polishing the user experience. The main idea behind the overhaul was to make it very clear who we are:

1/ CactusSoft is a trusted software development partner and driving force behind the growth of Western European companies. 

2/ CactusSoft employs talented people and takes care of these people, providing them with opportunities for personal and professional development. The new website gives better access to the information about CactusSoft careers and benefits of working for the company. 

A team of five CactusSoft employees from three countries worked together on the project. 

Here’s to Another 15 Years

Since its inception, CactusSoft has transformed into a multicultural company, opening offices in Spain and Georgia and attracting an international workforce. Solutions designed by CactusSoft work on four continents.  

We are proud to be where we are today. We desire to contribute to our client’s business growth and build relationships of trust with all our clients and team members. 

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