The Manifest Lists CactusSoft as Belarus’ Best IoT Developer

It has been more than 14 years since CactusSoft set out to help clients experience top-notch custom software development and services. CactusSoft is beyond proud of all the partnerships created and projects completed over the years. And the company is grateful to announce another milestone.

Recently, The Manifest, a business news and how-to website, powered by Clutch, recognized CactusSoft as one of Belarus’ standout firms.

As of today, CactusSoft had an opportunity to work on more than 350 projects from all over the world, with clients in Europe, the United States, Israel, and New Zealand. The company is consistently ranked among the best thanks to the success of clients and continuous support.

The Manifest gave CactusSoft an award for its credibility and relationship with clients. According to research conducted by The Manifest, CactusSoft is among the most reviewed and recommended Internet of Things development companies for 2021.

The Manifest is a business news platform that publishes insightful content aimed to help corporate buyers and service providers. Powered by Clutch, a leading ratings and reviews platform for IT, Marketing and Business service providers, The Manifest bases its rankings on verified reviews submitted by service buyers.

For CactusSoft, this recognition means that the company is among the top 15 companies chosen for pricing, quality, project management, and overall customer satisfaction.

The entire CactusSoft team is beyond thankful to The Manifest, our stakeholders, our clients, and our talented team for helping achieve wins like this.

Got any hurdles that you want to conquer? Drop a message and feel free to discuss your ideas with CactusSoft experts.

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