CactusSoft is Happy to Introduce a New Managing Partner

The year 2020 has been full of changes, and our company isn’t an exception. Luckily, our changes are positive. Let’s greet our new Belgian Managing Partner Mario Vanlommel.

Mario combines an Engineering degree with over 10 years of sales and management experience. He started his career in software development and project management but quickly grew into software sales roles. During his latest assignment, Mario managed to achieve significant growth contributing to the company’s transformation from a niche player to a global leader.

CactusSoft’s future looks promising, matching its world-class development team with a strong demand for highly skilled professionals and challenging digital transformation processes. I will be more than glad to contribute to the success of CactusSoft and its customers and help the company become the engine for numerous start-ups and scale-ups in Western Europe. Mario Vanlommel

For the upcoming years CactusSoft has the ambition to enhance its positions on the European market following three directions:

1/ Intensify the relationship with our customers, both on the business side by the local team and on the technical side by acting as trusted advisors

2/ Increase the sales capacity, fostering growth, with a strong focus on Western Europe

3/ Grow our employees as individuals and internationally recognized IT experts.

Mario joins Bram Van Nieuwerburgh as co-owner of the company. Both will jointly manage the company and act as managing partners.

It is a big step for CactusSoft to enlarge not only its capacity on the Belgian market, but also its ability to run larger and more complex projects. I am delighted to take together the next step in the development of our company. Bram Van Nieuwerburgh

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