CactusSoft’s Statement on the Current Political Situation

Dear friends,

During the last weeks, we have been closely following the latest development of the military conflict in Ukraine. In times like these, we believe that it is impossible to remain silent. 

If there is one certain thing that we can say, it is this one: regardless of their nationality, CactusSoft employees do not support any military conflict. As a multinational company, we stand for peace and prosperity of all nations. 

At the moment, priority number one is the safety and well-being of our employees. Our management team is working relentlessly to provide help to one of our employees who’s now working from Ukraine. 

In addition, CactusSoft offers various opportunities and support for all our employees to work from whenever they feel safe to do so. We have all necessary means to provide our employees with alternatives of how and where they work and get paid. 

As for our services, our second priority, there are no interruptions planned. Our operations from Belarus, including some remotely working partners in surrounding countries, are not affected as we speak. 

It speaks for itself that the biggest support is continuation of work, allowing us to live ‘normal’ lives and hopefully get back to better circumstances soon. 

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