OnTech Innovation Cluster welcomes CactusSoft

CactusSoft has recently joined the OnTech Innovation cluster, a digital economy business organization and the largest technological and biotechnological cluster in Andalusia which has more than 700 member companies. OnTech also leads and coordinates the Digital Innovation Hub in Andalusia of the European Commission in Andalusia.

“Joining the cluster at CactusSoft is a major step in our commitment to digital transformation. This initiative will open many opportunities for our company, from collaboration and networking with like-minded organizations to gaining access to resources and industry recognition. Moreover, being part of OnTech Innovation will help us stay at the cutting edge of innovation and technology, allowing us to remain competitive in the industry” says Jose Lafitte, Head of Engineering at CactusSoft.

In the words of Bram Van Nieuwerburgh CEO of CactusSoft, “We will benefit from access to a vast pool of international partners, and a larger, more diverse collection of resources and expertise that can help us develop and implement our initiatives. Furthermore, the ability to raise funds for research and development through international partners will provide the company with access to a more stable and reliable source of capital for research and development.”

On Tech Innovation is supporting as well Mision Alpha, the Newspace initiative supported by CactusSoft and other companies such as INTEGRASYS GroupINDAERO GRUPO EMERGY SLCactusSoft, and ALTER TECHNOLOGY TÜV NORD. Mision Alpha is aimed to make a success story of Newspace in Andalucia: a unique project where privately owned companies fund and execute the project to build, launch and operate a small satellite serving Andalusia´s citizens as a primary objective. Besides this, it would pioneer future collaborations in the Andalusian ecosystem for future Newspace missions, connect stakeholders and build know-how among main objectives.

We are looking forward to the new opportunities and networking that joining Ontech is bringing to us!

About OnTech Innovation Cluster

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