CactusSoft Joins an Aerospace Initiative

CactusSoft is happy to announce its participation in Mission Alpha (Misión Alpha), an initiative of several Andalusian companies and institutions aimed at promoting STEM education and pioneering further business collaboration into Space in the region.

The Alpha Consortium has an ambitious goal in mind, namely, launching a Cubesat satellite to a Low Earth orbit (LEO) in 2025. The Cubesat will operate there for one year and will provide valuable services for the Andalusian society.

The mission has multiple objectives:

  • Make a success story of Newspace in Andalusia: privately owned companies fund and execute a unique project to build, launch, and operate a small satellite serving Andalusian citizens. 
  • Pioneer collaborations in Andalusia for future Newspace missions. Connecting Stakeholders and building know-how. Making Andalusian society, government, and universities aware of this new economy, its opportunities and its potential. 
  • Promote aerospace and STEM education and inspire future students.

The Alpha Satellite will be a 2U Cubesat and will include a payload. The Alpha Consortium provides Andalusian research groups with the possibility of leading the design, implementation, and operation of this payload.

At present, the consortium has opened a call for submission of applications for Misión Alpha.  The Alpha satellite will host payloads from research groups of universities, companies, and public bodies that submit their application (Andalusian only) . 

Jose Laffitte, Head of Engineering at CactusSoft, represents the company in the mission.

CactusSoft is happy to announce its participation in Mission Alpha (Misión Alpha)
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