CactusSoft and EPCON Сommitted to Help Underserved Regions in the Battle Against COVID19

EPCON and CactusSoft are delighted to announce joint solution offering in the battle against COVID19. More specifically the solution will make use of the EPCON’s Epidemic Control Platform and extend its reach through a mobile health survey application allowing remote monitoring of communities and individuals wellbeing. The platform offers a patient-centric view and will stimulate the interaction between public and private sector partners for a coordinated and effective response.

Through this application, the collection of unique patient data can be initiated during times of social distancing. The data is then fed to the disease propagation model of EPCON and translated into timely and actionable output for healthcare workers, facilities and the application users.

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Although the present urgency of COVID19 makes it a primary target, the disease agnostic model of the platform allows it to be extended in the ongoing fight against Tuberculosis, HIV and other diseases. Tuberculosis alone accounts for approx. 1,5 million people losing their lives every year and affected communities are highly exposed due to the present threats of SARS-CoV-2.

“This product we are developing not only adds incredible value to many of the underserved communities in the fight against COVID19, but also brings a lot of enthusiasm amongst our team of software developers. Applying our skills to where it really matters is what drives our team. Technology meets purpose.”

CACTUSSOFT CEO, Bram Van Nieuwerburgh
EPCON CEO, Vincent Meurrens

“The collaboration with CACTUSSOFT and the expertise they bring to this concept are highly valued. We are excited because this solution will enable healthcare partners to extend the reach of their present activities and keep a continued pulse with the communities and individuals they serve and ultimately improve the patients access to care.”

EPCON CEO, Vincent Meurrens

Interested to find out how we can help, contact Vincent Meurrens via or +32 475 94 88 65.

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