Digital Transformation solution for management procedures and smooth performance of tasks for HVW- Huis Van Wonterghem



HVW (Huis Van Wonterghem) is a HORECA company with activities in banquet and event organizing. Previously, the company had a very scattered IT infrastructure, which consisted of various disconnected modules that made their workflow partially manual, ineffective and at risk of faults.

The main task was to create a solid system with a single entry point for management to perform their tasks smoothly and to automate most procedures.



CactusSoft is responsible for the digital transformation of HVW. Our business analysts designed a new system that provides a better user experience for everybody involved, along with the calculation of margins, integration with the external accounting system and easy generating of proposals and invoices. The web portal provides access from any device and thus provides users mobility.

The solution consists of a control panel for sales and accountants and an interface for customers, where they can see the data relating to their events and exchange files with managers.

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