CactusSoft joins Flanders Space

The Flemish Cluster for Space welcomes the Belgium-based software development company as a new member

A new member in Flanders Space

CactusSoft and Flanders Space sign an agreement to boost New Space developments in the Flemish region. As a cluster that supports initiatives that contribute to shaping the space economy and industry Flanders in Space Flanders in Space represents the ideal platform to scale the initiatives that CactusSoft has been developing in space topics.

“Flanders in space represents for us not only an opportunity to access financing for our feasibility studies or prototypes, establish valuable networking relationships or beyond. The fact of belonging to this ecosystem of companies and entities means for CactusSoft to belong to a coordination and shared knowledge platform, and to be in the spotlight of the development of the aerospace economy in our region.”

Bram Van Nieuwerburgh CEO at CactusSoft

CactusSoft is a Belgium-based software development company working on Digital Transformation for more than 15 years. CactusSoft provides services of Custom Software Development, Custom Software Extension, and Dedicated Teams for many IT and Technological companies in Belgium and abroad helping them with staffing opportunities and full project delivery.

CactusSoft´s role in New Space

Nowadays the CactusSoft Space Solutions division is dedicated to advancing the field of satellite-based communications by developing cutting-edge technologies. A team of experts in wireless communications, systems engineering, satellites, and signal processing will be working to create state-of-the-art solutions and products in the domains of satellite and 5G networks.

CactusSoft_Joins_Flanders_in_Space_Management Team_picture
Bram Van Nieuwerburgh and Jose Laffitte lead this initiative for Space Ecosystem

Also, The Belgium-based software development company has recently gotten involved in several initiatives in the field of New Space such as the launching of the first Andalusian-made CubeSat (Mision Alpha) and also in advanced communications systems for Satcom.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry and look forward to providing advanced communication systems to businesses and governments.

José Laffitte Head of Engineering at CactusSoft

Flanders Space is the cluster for the Flemish Space Industry and is supported by the Agency for Innovation & Enterprise (VLAIO). Through this cluster collaboration, Flanders in Space facilitates cooperation between companies, knowledge institutions, and governments. As a mission, Flanders Space wants to further shape the space economy in Flanders and put it on the international map.

If you have a tech idea or a digital challenge in Space topic we can help you with, contact us at or tell us what you devise as a Space Explorer!

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About Flanders in Space

Flanders Space unites all space actors in Flanders and focuses on 4 areas: attracting young talent, supporting competitiveness and entrepreneurship, providing R&D funding, and science communication. With its operation, Flanders Space wants to offer all opportunities to the Flemish socio-economic actors and to graduating young people to work with space data and infrastructure. The ambitious program, totaling €11 million, puts space firmly on the map in Flanders for the first time.

About CactusSoft

CactusSoft is a software development company with extensive experience in engineering web and mobile applications. We offer our customers guidance with their digital transformation, staffing opportunities, and full project delivery. Additionally, the CactusSoft team is always close to its customers’ needs thanks to its local presence.

Headquartered in Belgium, CactusSoft has two major development centres – in Eastern Europe and in Spain – serving clients primarily in Western Europe. CactusSoft is a company in full expansion that is participating in the digital transformation of many clients in Europe.

For more information and interview requests, please contact Alejandra Ruiz de Viana, Marketing and Communications Manager,

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