Cactus´ AI Manifesto: Convictions, Pillars and Promises

Our AI Declaration

At Cactus, we recognize the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence in driving innovation and competitiveness. Our AI manifesto outlines our commitment to ethical, inclusive, and secure AI practices, ensuring transparency and accountability. By sharing this manifesto, we aim to build trust with our clients and stakeholders, demonstrating our dedication to responsible AI integration and the advancement of business excellence.

Given the rapid advancements in AI, the impact on various industries, including ours, will be significant. We are poised to create value through AI by:

  • Optimizing software development processes for greater efficiency.
  • Enhancing product development with advanced AI-driven features.

Our ethical framework empowers all employees to use AI responsibly, enriching lives and societies while aligning with our public service values and regulatory obligations. We manage AI-related risks rigorously to differentiate our use of AI from commercial organizations.

We adhere to fundamental principles when working with AI:

  • Upholding our core values of honesty, ethics, inclusion, security, and accountability.
  • Ensuring human involvement in AI processes.
  • Maintaining measurable standards for AI applications.

By integrating these principles, we strive to foster a responsible and innovative AI environment, ensuring that our AI practices contribute positively to our clients and society. That is the idea that drives us to publish our AI Manifesto. We drive all these initiatives through Cactai, our specialized team.

Cactus’ 5 AI Convictions

  1. Our motto is to accelerate our customers’ innovation. We are uniquely positioned to create and implement the most effective strategies for integrating AI into our customers’ businesses, digital assets and processes.
  2. Artificial Intelligence offers an unparalleled opportunity for companies to adapt and remain competitive.
  3. Generative AI offers the opportunity to boost creativity to solutions and offerings for our customers improve processes and reach operational excellence.
  4. Using data wisely leads to better, fairer, and more cost-effective decisions, especially in an increasingly digital world where every action can have an enormous impact.
  5. The challenges to transforming businesses through AI are often related to people and processes. Therefore, human involvement and impact are critical.

Cactus’ 5 AI pillars

  1. Honesty: We handle every piece of content, every byte of data, and every interaction with the utmost care. We respect the trust our clients, partners, and stakeholders place in us by ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of their information.
  2. Ethics: We create innovative solutions that respect human values and promote fairness. We work to reduce bias and errors, produce ethical content, and treat our supply chain fairly and inclusively. We aim to be a leader in responsible and ethical AI.
  3. Inclusion: We believe in an equal world, where inclusion and diversity result in equal opportunities amongst all. We do not discriminate.
  4. Security: We keep privacy and security as core considerations. We will not ever put at risks our client’s data nor their Intellectual Property or trade secrets.
  5. Accountability: We are accountable for what we deliver, and we deliver ensuring the correct governance over our deliverables.

Cactus’ 5 AI Promises

  1. Make the most of available technology, including AI. Continuously learn about the latest technologies and how they can benefit our customers.
  2. Never put customer data, IP or reputation at risk, under any circumstances.
  3. Handle our employee’s and customers’ data ethically and responsibly.
  4. Support our employees and customers during their journey with technology and AI.
  5. Maintain transparency in how we use AI:
  • Clear communication about the role of AI in our development process.
  • Open dialogue with customers regarding AI tools and practices.
  • Ensuring customers are informed about any AI-driven changes that may affect them.
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