Advanced software portal for the real estate world

Prompto is a sales enablement for the modern real estate developer.

The Prompto sales enablement platform bridges the gap between sales and marketing by centralising all content in one place and distributing it through interactive content. It ensures internal and external sales teams tell the same story with the right content. It prevents mistakes and boosts your sales.


COVID-19 accelerated Prompto’s plans. Although the total change to digital was already on their roadmap, in fact, they already had a solution ready, the explosion of the pandemic made this business, like many others, suddenly migrate to digital in a massive way. This rapid movement affected both the presentation of content and the interaction with customers. To execute that change quickly they needed a new workforce. To further develop its portal for the real estate world, Prompto found the solution at Cactus

 Prompto: Innovative Real Estate Software Solutions _2


In a company where the remote work model was already a reality, nearshoring turned out to be a natural model that fits perfectly with the way the Prompto team operated. The Cactus team only needed 1 week to catch up with the codebase and tools being used in Prompto so the onboarding process was very fast. The team has worked as a single block without internal differences through a relationship of total transparency between both companies. Development team extension turned out to be a solution with which Prompto has been able to count on a development team of 7 different nationalities of experienced and highly-qualified technical experts.

The fact that the management team is based in Belgium is one of Cactus´s strong advantages highlighted by the Prompto managers: “develop remotely but solve issues face-to-face if necessary.”


Quentin Mussche, Head of Tech at Prompto. “Recruitment is no longer an obstacle. We can scale up and accelerate very quickly if we see growth opportunities.”


The article first appeared at on February 17, 2023. Read the Dutch version here.

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