A platform that enables centralized management of financial resources by banks and broker-dealers



Pleeco builds products and solutions for operational analytics that help organization rapidly design, develop, deploy, and operate data-driven applications. The main idea of the Pleeco project was to develop the platform, which could help banks, broker-dealers and buy-side firms in optimizing their balance sheet, cash, capital, funding and collateral for multiple constraints and across asset classes and business silos. CactuSoft provided all its expertise in custom software development to the project.

The platform needed to serve as a single «command center» for monitoring business activities, limits and performance targets. It was necessary to develop a unique Information as an Interface approach to enable quick and interactive analysis of vast financial data.



The Cactus team has developed Big Data visualization algorithms for an ongoing large-scale web solution development project. The solution is being designed specifically for banks, in order to collect and analyze financial indicators.

Its Big Data visualization capability is intended to help financial analysts obtain valuable insights by providing a deeper understanding of large amounts of financial data.

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