Unlocking the Final Frontier: Cactus Engineers Pioneer Satellite Communication Solutions

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At Cactus, as devoted engineers, we recognize Space as one of the most passionate engineering fields. A Space lab was therefore founded within Cactus bringing together a passionate team of engineers with large expertise in the market. Leveraging our experience in critical software, edge and cloud computing and AI, and to advance the state of the art and pioneer in this market, we have started several developments around satellite communication. We recognize that the challenges of tomorrow require not just technology, but a vision that embraces the potential of space to solve earthly problems. 


Through the project Taurus, supported by the European Space Agency, our dedicated Space team, with eyes set on the stars and feet grounded in innovation, aims to connect the world more efficiently and reliably through the advanced capabilities of AI and the 5G New Radio standard, leveraging Tensor Defined Radio (TDR), a Cactus proprietary technology for satcom modem critical functions.  

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Through active participation in Mission Alpha, Cactus is leading the design and development of a ground segment and communications onboarded modem for a 3U scientific cubesat called Alpha3. In consortium with other companies and universities, Cactus has developed the communications modem both in the ground as onboarded and is implementing a Cubesat Mission Digital Twin called A3DT to characterize, simulate and emulate the behaviour of different components software and hardware, and the complete system under various scenarios. 

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The involvement of Cactus in Mission Alpha and the development of technologies like TDR and AI for satellite communication underline our belief in collaboration and innovation.  

 Cactus interest and expertise go beyond the satcom arena but also includes downstream applications for Earth Observation. These technologies provide vital data for climate action, and sustainable growth and provide actionable insights based on this data. 

 Cactus is proud to be at the helm of this ambitious journey, where every challenge overcome brings us one step closer to a future where the earth and the stars are closer than ever before. 

 We keep innovating. Stay tuned for our upcoming news! 

*Note: Mission Alpha is an initiative financed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism within the AEI support program to contribute to improving the competitiveness of the Spanish industry, and with the support of the European Union through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

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