Embracing Diversity: A Multicultural Journey with KPD’s People Module Project 

KPD is a Belgian company with over 40 years of experience providing technological solutions for the daily operations of various aspects of the construction industry. The KPD ERP system is made up of 6 building blocks: Preconstruction, People, Project, Logistics, Finance, and Real Estate. Cactus worked on functional and technical upgrades of the KPD’s People Module building block: 

  • Optimization of the processes 
  • Improvement of the UX/UI  
  • Transformation to a cloud-based application 

Working on a multicultural and remote project brings many challenges and unique opportunities that enrich the project and the team’s experience. From logistical intricacies to fostering cultural understanding, navigating diverse backgrounds shapes the collaborative landscape in unforeseen ways. 

This paradigm is even more fulfilled in our recent collaboration with KPD. A team composed of 8 individuals from different nationalities who have worked together remotely to achieve a common goal. Let’s delve deeper into this article on the working dynamics they have carried out and the human experience our colleagues have lived through. 

Key Points of the KPD’s People Module Project

Cultural Symbiosis: The convergence of varied cultural perspectives fosters a rich fabric of ideas and approaches, fueling innovation and creativity within the team. 

Client Relevance: Serving a Belgian client, KPD, underscores the project’s significance within the local context, driving purpose and commitment among the team members. 

Digital Transformation: Cactus spearheads a transformative journey by reimagining the project’s architecture and transitioning it to the cloud. The resulting application, a cornerstone of KPD’s HR management, signifies a paradigm shift in the company’s digital solutions. 

Team Dynamics

Leading a multicultural team made up of eight individuals from six diverse nationalities, spanning three different time zones, presents a distinctive array of challenges and opportunities. Across project management and software development, every team member brings their unique expertise to the table, cultivating a dynamic and collaborative environment.

The experience working on KPD’s People Module in their own words:

Alina Furmanova, Project Manager (Belarus / Living in Poland): Navigating cultural nuances and time zone differences has been both challenging and rewarding. Our diverse perspectives fuel innovation and drive the project forward.” 

Giorgi Melikidze, QA Engineer (Georgia): “The team’s friendly environment fosters trust and positivity, enhancing productivity. In my role, I can ensure software quality by designing test cases, reporting bugs, and collaborating with developers, whose role is crucial in meeting quality standards and user requirements.”

Giorgi Mamisashvili, Angular Developer (Georgia): Working alongside talented professionals from around the world has expanded my horizons and enriched my problem-solving approach. Together, we’re crafting solutions that transcend boundaries.” 

Isa Gomez, Front End Developer: (Spain) Remote collaboration has its challenges, but it also opens doors to unparalleled talent and expertise. Together, we’re pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible in software development.” 

Luis Álvarez, Senior Full Stack/Team Leader (Spain): Leading a remote team for the first time has presented challenges along with rewarding experiences. Managing client expectations while handling full-stack responsibilities demands careful management and adaptability. Collaborating with a multicultural team has provided valuable insights into diverse cultural behaviours and perspectives. As a team leader, my primary responsibilities involve workload management, meeting client expectations, and overseeing development across front- end, backend, and DevOps.” 

Natalia Balakhashvili, Angular Developer (Georgia):Embracing diversity has been integral to our success. By valuing each team member’s unique perspective, we’ve fostered a collaborative environment where creativity thrives.” 

Eric Camargo, Project Manager (Brazil / Living in Belgium):As the project manager, I’ve seen how diversity positively impacts project outcomes. Encouraging communication and collaboration among team members from diverse backgrounds has been crucial. By fostering inclusivity and valuing every team member’s input, we’ve achieved remarkable creativity and innovation. KPD’s dedication to clear communication has ensured smooth coordination between our team and the client.” 

Oleg Buchnev, QA Engineer (Individual entrepreneur – IE Belarus): Apart from the technical tasks, empathizing with the client is crucial for achieving the best outcome. Effective communication, facilitated by KPD, allows us to address client concerns promptly and efficiently. Whether through direct messages or emails, their responsiveness ensures that we have all the information we need to deliver exceptional results.


As we reflect on our journey with KPD’s People Module Project, we celebrate the power of diversity in driving innovation and excellence. Through collaboration across borders and cultures, we’ve transformed challenges into opportunities, building the path for a more interconnected and inclusive future in software development.

In summary, companies are increasingly valuing inclusion and cultural diversity when subcontracting external suppliers or engaging an expert not only for ethical or social reasons, but also because they recognize the tangible benefits that these practices bring to innovation, growth, and corporate reputation.

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