5 IoT Applications to Reduce Harmful Impacts on the Environment

iot applications for environment

Modern technology called the Internet of Things is here to serve humanity for the better. Wireless technology connects various devices, sensors and drones that have been adapted to many management processes and successfully accomplishes its task in an environmentally sound manner.

How AI Modifies HR Functionality

AI in HR

As the world faces global digital transformation, organizations that implement modern technologies first will definitely become market leaders. If you want to give a boost to your business processes, you need to keep abreast of current technological tendencies. HR management is no exception. I would even insist on saying it’s the most important department to […]

CactusSoft is Among Top 50 Software Development Companies in 2019

top software developers

CactusSoft is featured among the most experienced and trusted software developers with a solid background and deep technology expertise that deliver turnkey projects and full-cycle software development services, according to the latest research conducted by analytics company TechReviewer.co. It is an honor for us to be recognized as one of the best software development companies […]

Blockchain Is Not Only About Bitcoin: The Top 5 Socially Valuable Use Cases

blockchain social impact

Perhaps bitcoin, with its overhyped reputation and the negative associations around ICO scams, has undermined public confidence in the blockchain technology. But don’t jump to conclusions. After all, these two are actually the smallest parts of the potential of this technology that is gaining global momentum. I bet you can’t imagine the world existing without […]

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