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Facing software development challenges? Whether it’s a key employee departure, expertise gaps, or testing organization, Cactus provides expert solutions on-demand. Clients leverage our services for testing, framework migration, and more. Explore our proven ‘NOW’ method for assistance


Now method

01. Navigate

01. Navigate

We navigate through the exact requirements of the client’s request: understand the company, the setting, the past, the ambition and goals. We map the company culture and context of the assignment. We also understand the financial constraints
02. Optimize

02. Optimize

Here the action takes place: we identify within the Cactus pool of experts who could take on the challenge put forward.
03. Welcome

03. Welcome

After the selection process, the expert integrates into the team, and the customer's assignment and contract are finalized. Cactus guides the expert and conducts regular checks on progress, expectations, communication, and productivity levels
Customer Testimonial

Engage an Expert

“Without the Spanish coworkers, we could never have achieved
this rapid enlargement. We would have had
to pay a very high price if we did.”
Jonas Lejeune, Chief Product Officer of AvioBook
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Seeking a seasoned partner with a proven track record and extensive experience in navigating digital product challenges? Look no further.

We provide strategic guidance, ensure customer satisfaction, and serve as a reliable sounding board for tough decisions. Let us deliver a high-quality, future-proof application for you.

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