Digitizing the in-store shopping experience



Xandres is a Belgian fashion retailer, specializing in women’s fashion. The company planned to create a to use in its store when choosing clothes to try on and buy.

The main aim of the application was to enable automation and speed up the customer service process. In addition, it aimed at receiving information about customer preferences to form proposals for filling collections better.



Cactus needed to create an application that shoppers could use on their devices and an internal application for the store’s staff to recognize barcodes.

Designed by Cactus, the Xandres iOS and Android application allows for making a list of clothing the customers would like to try on while looking around or waiting for their salesperson. Users create fitting lists by scanning the barcodes on the paper price tags with their own mobile telephone.

The list is forwarded to the stockroom, where a Xandres employee makes the clothes ready and hangs them at the bottom of the stairs for the salesperson to pick them up and deliver them to the customer.

The mobile app functionality to create the list is helpful for customers and salespeople. The store employees can scan items and have them ready during the sale. Xandres employees can see the upcoming lists in the mobile app.

For the solution, Cactus employed integration with the Softtouch CRM system. The system collects data on goods (sizes, stock) and employees (location). Working with a barcode scanner is possible due to the use of a specific library. The application recognizes a device  – a mobile phone or a device with a scanner – and uses two different flows for scanning barcodes, namely mobile phone cameras for customers and infrared scanners for employees.



The application went live in February 2022. So far, more than 440 shopping lists have been created using it. Xandres and Cactus continue the collaboration, updating the app and adding new features.

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