Real-time IoT solutions for smart buildings and distributed resource management



SkyCentrics is the leader in the CTA-2045 EcoPort, OpenADR, and. Volttron for real-time, open standard, IoT smart building solutions and Distributed Energy. The customer ordered the development of multiple applications aimed at controlling and monitoring devices in the Digital Home. Since its inception, the customer’s smart-home project has been expanding to include new functions and new types of devices, so new features and support for new devices were to be added to the mobile apps continually. CactusSoft could bring the customer all the expertise owned in custom software development.



Using the applications developed by CactusSoft for SkyCentrics, it is possible to control one or more Digital Homes via iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet, or indeed through a web portal. In addition, we helped develop the Cloud Service for remote control of the Digital Home.

SkyCentrics has been a regular client of ours since 2008.

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