PB Plus

A tool for digital rental inspections

PB Plus


PB Plus is a Belgian company that specializes in rental inspections. At the beginning and end of a lease, when a tenant moves into a home and when they leave it, the landlords (usually real estate agents acting as intermediaries) can complete the entire process on one iPad application.

When PB Plus’ original application crashed following an iOS update, the company had to look for new developers and found Cactus to restart the PB Plus digital rental inspections platform.

PB Plus


Initially, the Cactus team was assigned to find the error that had caused the application to crash and to fix it. Following a thorough analysis of the existing code, Cactus suggested a complete revamp of the digital rental inspections web platform and the mobile application.

A dedicated team of eight people worked on the project for nine months, with the active development stage taking place from November to April.

PB Plus


PB Plus and Cactus created a stable digital rental inspections web platform and a mobile application that runs smoothly.

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