Smart and innovative solutions for tuberculosis (TB) screening



Epcon is a Belgian / South African company that realizes regional epidemic control through the use of smart and innovative solutions.

The client needed assistance with the development of two automated and integrated systems for TB screening and predictive modelling.



Cactus has developed the patient oriented application that forms part of the integrated solution for TB screening and predictive modelling.

1/ eCBS Geocare South Africa is a digital tool to automate TB screening and treatment processes for individuals at risk.

The system consists of web and mobile applications, and helps healthcare workers screen patients in target areas, collect data from interviews and laboratory tests, keep records and monitor the treatment process of infected people.

2/ eCBS Geocare Pakistan is a step-by-step TB screening system in Pakistan.

Screening is carried out as part of structural events in selected target areas. The data collection mechanism is similar to that used in South Africa and is based on the data entered by healthcare workers. After all the necessary information has been filled in, the system shows whether a patient is infected or not, which makes the process of screening much faster and allows the system to build accurate predictive models for the spread of infection.


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