IoT solution for waste management to make our world even smarter than it already is



Asset tracking combined with access security control is gaining popularity in Western Europe. One field of application is an ID-protection system for waste collection in residential areas, which ensures that only residents of that area can access the waste containers. Each container can be opened only by an authorized user, through the application of special badges and RFID cards.

Companies supplying the containers are in turn interested in monitoring the condition and security of containers, whereas drivers can plan smart routes that bypass empty containers. Struggling to provide top-notch service to its customers, Alphatronics, producing IoT devices in their own factory, made the decision to develop their own platform from scratch, moving away from their current provider.

The new web-platforms needs to meet functionality requirements and be self-explanatory and user-friendly.



The Cactus team is developing a Single Page Application with scalable microservice architecture. The project is part of a total solution for providing intelligent waste management.

The IoT device installed on the waste containers allows
• the waste-collection company to know how full the container is
• the manufacturers of containers to track and monitor their assets, and
• the invoicing company to manage individual access to the containers.

Residents will receive an invoice depending on how much non-recyclable waste they deposit, and they can also use collection points and container parks.

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