CactusSoft Spain Celebrates Its First Anniversary

In November 2022, CactusSoft Spain celebrated the first anniversary of its inception. Having grown from 1 to 26 employees in one year, the company continues its rapid development in the region.

CactusSoft Spain is founded in Seville, the capital of Andalusia. There are few reasons why this location was chosen.

  • Talent. Seville has a strong talent pool in terms of software engineering professionals. It is home to several universities offering computer science and telecommunication programs. This makes it easier for the company to find and hire qualified employees.
  • Quality of life. Seville is known for its rich culture, arts scene, and vibrant history, which makes it an attractive location for software engineers who value a good work-life balance.
  • Access to other markets. Seville is well-connected to other major cities in Spain and Europe, making it easy for CactusSoft to access new markets and expand its operations.
  • Government support. The government of Seville has made efforts to support the development of the technology sector in the region.

The CactusSoft Spain office is located near the city center, just a few meters from the river Guadalquivir and la Torre del Oro, a famous monument. 

In order to accommodate demanding market needs and increase its hiring speed, CactusSoft Spain has broadened the recruitment area. At the moment, CactusSoft Spain team members work all around the country, including its island territory. Frequent meetups and events are organized in order to ensure a cohesive, empowered, and trained team. 

In 2022, Spain has been a very important location for CactusSoft. The company joined an aerospace project aimed at promoting STEM education in the region and appointed a dedicated country manager.

The first anniversary of CactusSoft Spain was a great reason to bring together its employees in one place. During the celebratory event in Seville, the company’s management shared its plans for 2023. 

Spain was not the only location of CactusSoft’s European expansion. In April 2022, the company launched CactusSoft Georgia, its fourth representative office. CactusSoft Belgium also works with individual fully dedicated contractors in other surrounding countries such as Poland. 

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