“Bridging Gaps” Bram Van Nieuwerburgh interviewed by GoodFirms

Established in 2016, CactusSoft, over the years, has gained extensive experience in engineering web and mobile applications. The company has customers from Western European companies who guide them in mobile and web development. They have completed numerous projects in various industries, including real estate, education, healthcare, IoT, and Fintech. GoodFirms, the popular review and rating organization around the globe, recently talked with Bram Van Nieuwerburgh concerning the most current landscape in the software development area in Belgium. The following are excerpts from the conversation.

Inception Story

Bram Van Nieuwerburgh is the Founder and CEO of CactusSoft Belgium, a software development company.

Bram (being a consultant back then) was asked by a friend to help source a software project that he had sold but couldn’t complete. Some weeks later, Bram and his friend hired a team of 14 developers from Eastern Europe, successfully delivered the project, and went on to scale the company, establishing CactusSoft Belgium. CactusSoft operates out of two international hubs, in Eastern Europe and Spain, serving clients primarily in Western Europe.

According to the CEO, “We bridge the gap between the roadmap towards an evermore digital society in Western Europe and qualitative software talent and solutions from South and Eastern Europe.”

In-House Business Model

The company outsources less than 10%, mainly in domains with little or no experience or when the request is very small. As a consultancy company, it remains paramount to build capabilities and be sure about the quality their team delivers.

The CEO said, “We do almost all by ourselves. Knowing our staff and their strengths (and shortcomings) allows us to match requests with the right person.”

How Does CactusSoft Stand Out?

The CEO thinks the location is an important factor for CactusSoft. He said, “Firstly, we are very close to our customers.” And the company’s “leadership team is based in Belgium and is run by people with a large experience in doing business in Benelux, Israel, and the US, where most of our customers are also based.”

Using this context, the company pays special attention to matching demand and supply in terms starting from the customer’s perspective first.

The CEO elaborated on the second point and said, “Our second differentiator is in the speed of delivery of solutions to the customers. We are best-in-class in the recruitment of talent through experienced teams and well-thought processes.”

Services Provided To Clients & Industries Served

Customers reach out to CactusSoft for all kinds of software challenges. Their clients encounter a business challenge and look for a party to help them define and implement the best software solution.

The CEO said, “We assess the situation with our broad experience and evolve quickly to a concrete plan that solves the issue. Often, this results in assigning a team (usually dedicated) to a customer for a certain period or executing a project with clear milestones.”

CactusSoft is mainly active in proptech, mobility, telecom, and healthtech. About 60% of our annual turnover comes from customers already there a year before.

Client satisfaction

The CEO said, “Most customers rate us highly, especially because we care. Several rating platforms confirm this. We are very detailed and exhaustive during the project ideation, orientation, and discovery phase.”

The company often does this on-site to capture the details and take the time to discuss options with its most senior architects, even before conducting any development.

Support Offered To Clients

New requests get captured by the local team based in Belgium, and within 1-2 days, they set up a call to discuss the request. For vague requests, the team organizes a discovery phase; for very detailed requests.

CactusSoft has been ranked as the Top Software Development Companies in Belgium by GoodFirms after witnessing their commitment to providing custom software of the highest quality, which in turn produces benefits for their clients.

Flexible Payment Structure

CactusSoft offers a flexible payment structure, whichever suits their customer and business model best. It could be a billing scheme per sprint, milestone planning, a fixed price, or result-based remuneration.

Narrating a past experience, the CEO said, “For one start-up customer, we got paid along his success in the market. This has aligned all objectives from the start.”

Minimum Budget

The lowest budget of the project was around €25,000, whereas the biggest customer catered for nearly €500,000 in 2022.

Future of CactusSoft

“It is hard to predict the fast-evolving development in this industry,” said Bram Van Nieuwerburgh, CEO of CactusSoft.

The detailed interview is available on GoodFirms.

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