AI and Digital Assistants are Changing the Workplace

digital assistants

There’s a new boss in the workplace: Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is everywhere today and is changing the way we work, think and behave. AI has the capability to help search for job candidates, onboard, and develop and monitor employees in the workplace, while at the same time assisting business leaders to make better informed […]

AI will make HR more Human, Strategic and Innovated

AI will make HR more human

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a source of both huge excitement and fear across the HR function. What are the real opportunities and challenges for HR? Drawing on a framework analysis of how AI will impact HR, I identify the most valuable win-to-win value proposition where machines and HR team-collaborations work together to deliver a brand-new […]

The Future Of Work: The Big Changes Boards Need To Make Now To Be Ready

ai in human resources

We are experimenting an interesting time in world economic history and it centers around the future of work. The world is changing, and there’s no way around this global transformation. According to the World Economic Forum, this fourth industrial revolution, is about empowering people, not the rise of the machines: “we stand on the brink […]

Will Your Manager Be a Robot by 2025?

will your manager be a robot

Intelligence is no longer exclusively to humans; the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is transforming the business landscape and the workplace. Machines are present in healthcare, security, manufacturing, neuro-technology, education, and marketing, to cite just some examples. They can now recognize a human face, drive a car, assist students, and even hack your brain! The bottom […]

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